Must things to buy from Argentina

When travelling then it is always a questions what to take back to home, what are the best quality products, what represent the country and what things are hard to find elsewhere. So here are couple of things to help!

leatherArgentine meat is one of the best in the world but so is Argentine leather. Prices are not inexpensive but the quality and price relationship makes it most surely a good deal! You can find big variety of leather jackets, shoes, bags and so on. If you walk in Villa Crespo neighborhood you are guaranteed to get a good price. This neighborhood is known for its many outlets and it is very popular amongst tourist as well as local people.


Staying in Argentina one of the things hard to not eat is dulce de leche. Argentinians love this sweet cooked condensed milk treat. They use it in numerous desserts and one of the most popular one is an alfajor. Alfajor is basically a cookie with dulce de leche in the middle and often covered in chocolate or sugar coating. Most famous ones are Havanna and Cachafaz, like dulce de leche alfajors can be found in almost every supermarket.


Argentina is a wine producing country so if you are a wine lover try to get the most of of it! There are plenty of small boutique wineries producing top quality wine and taking a limited production wine home is a great idea. Not to mention that Argentine Malbec is one of the best in the world!

yerba mate te

Yerba mate is a very popular local drink. Dried Yerba is put into a container, then covered with approximately 80 Cº hot water. For drinking a special metal straw is used, it is called bombilla and has little holes in it so that you get the beverage but not the yerba. Some people add sugar to make it sweeter but it is often drunken without. Drinking yerba mate is a very important custom amongst friends, people gather and share the drink and time together. People carry thermoses with hot water, yerba mate and mate – a cup where the drink is prepared, and a bombilla.


CD of tango or milonga can be found in any music stores and touristic areas. Tango and milonga are extremely important in Argentina and often when people think of Argentina then tango is one of the first things that come to mind.


paez1Alpargatas are very popular footwear in Argentina and are also very comfortable. They were more known as shoes worn by cauchos, Argentine own cowboys but now are common sight in city streets as well. A brand called Paez has given them a new style, the variety is very big and they are a perfect choice for summer! In The States there is a copy of alpargatas called TOMS.








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