9 reasons why to love Argentine wines

1. Unique growing conditions

argArgentina is located in South America, right next to the Andes mountains which is the longest continental mountain range. Most of the wineries are located right next to the mountains where the land is extremely high, in Argentina you can find the highest vineyards in the world . The rainfall is extremely low because the rain cannot pass the mountains, so most of the water comes from the Andes as a melt water and from watering the plants. Wines have roots very deep to look for water and the water deeper in the earth contains more minerals. Anther important factor is the Sun, as the grapes get a lot of Sun the high altitude won’t make the wines to freeze. Also they grow thicker skin as a protection from all that intense sunlight, that again increases the grapes resistance to diseases and humidity.

2. Best Malbec in the world

malbecMalbec is from France but it got famous in Argentina. Main reason is because Argentina and France have a very different climate and the conditions. In France it rains more often and there is a lot less sunlight, so Malbec grew with thin skin and all that humidity caused the grape the have this garlic smell and flavor. So it didn’t gain popularity nor was known as an extraordinary wine. When it was brought to Argentina in 1868 by Michel Pouget it blossomed. Now it is number one grown grape in Argentina and you can find the greatest examples of Malbec from Mendoza. It is said that the original Malbec cannot be found in France anymore due to frost and phylloxera epidemic that devastated the country right after Malbec was brought to Argentine, to restore the Malbec in France the plants were brought to France from Argentina.

3. Many boutique wineries

cariWhy we should love boutique wineries? Because they have the good stuff! Many big wineries don’t care for old vineyards because the grapes in there produce very little wine what come to quantity and it takes a  lot of effort and simply is not that profitable for them. Small wineries take the best of those old vineyards, small grapes are more concentrated and have intense flavors which are great for reserve wines. For example small boutique winery called Carinae owens 3 hectares of 95 years old  Malbec in Luján de Cuyo, which is known as one of the best best for fine quality wines.

4. Great price

priceYou can find excellent wines that are inexpensive because the competition in very high and companies need to keep the price affordable. When being in Argentina it is wise to drink Argentine wines as to import things is very expensive and you probably end up paying 30 to 40% more than it should cost. Even in the restaurants where for a good bottle of wine you would have to pay quite a decent amount, in Argentina you can get something great with a fair price. What comes to buying wines abroad, since Argentina is fairly new in foreign markets they need to keep the price lower not because the wines are not good but because they need to introduce themselves to the market.

5. Strong in alcohol

wineThis is great because the quality is amazing, you shouldn’t be feeling the high alcohol that strong because the flavors are there and you don’t feel the alcohol. Be careful with how many glasses you consume!


6. Many old wineries

wine oldArgentina has been an active wine country for over 100 years so the wine tradition is very noticeable and important. Many old wineries have museums where you can see the story behind the wine. Often it is about a family from a European country like Italy, who immigrated to Argentina 100 years ago and brought their traditions to Argentina  and started their life in the New World.

7. Very interesting variety

torNext to Malbec you can find Bonarda, second most popular grape in Argentina, quite a secret grape of Argentina and probably in couple of years will gain more popularity in the rest of the world as well. Torrontes is a white wine and the only grape that is actually from Argentina, best examples come from Salta, north-west of the country. Apart from those grapes you can find Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Syrah and many more. Be sure to try different blends as well!

8. High quality

qIn the past 20 years the quality has changed a lot, a lot of wine experts from all over the world were invited to Argentina to help the industry to improve. The results are visible and now you can see how old traditions and new technology are working side by side and the results are outstanding.

9. Help the economy 🙂

oneyThe world is in crisis but things are very bad in Argentina, so when you buy Argentine products you contribute to their economy!



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