Argentine Asado

Difference between American beef cuts and Argentine Beef cuts


If any of you have ever lived in, been to or at least heard about Argentina, you will be aware of the famously high quality steak. The cuts are slightly different to what you will come across in your favourite BBQ house in the States! And although the quality of the meat may not differ too much from meat of a Texan BBQ, but Argentines really have it down to a T the art of how to grill and salt a steak.

Steak House in the USA

A classic style steak house in the United States can’t be beaten by much. But if you should come down to Argentina, getting to a parilla out of the city or even a parrilla in the city is a must do.

La Cabrera is a well known ‘parrilla’or BBQ joint in Buenos Aires.

Below is a picture highlighting the cuts of beef used generally in the US and other regions such as the UK.

As you can see, the area around the neck is divided into more parts.

The five different types of steaks you will see here are Bife de lomo (tenderloin). Entrana (skirt steak), Asado de tira (short ribs), Vacio (flank steak) and Bife de chorizo (sirloin).


The bife de Lomo is the most expensive cut, it’s big, tender and juicy. Lomo is a must try at least once, but can often lack a bit of flavour. Due to the lack of fat lines running through the meat it can often lack a bit of flavour.

La Entraña

The Entrana is not as large as lomo or bife de chorizo, so is a great choice if you don’t think you’ll finish off a larger option. This is a favourite among the Argentines and is a more flavourful, thinner cut of meat. Not the most tender of cuts, between a lomo and a matambre.

The Asado de tira, or ribs, is where you will also see another main difference to the states. In Argentina, the ribs are cut a lot shorter. They are packed full with flavour and are nice and crispy.

The Vacio, or flank steak, probably won’t be found outside of Argentina/Uruguay. This cut will have a coating of fat on the outside, but none on the inside. When cooked to perfection the fat goes crispy and keeps the inside tender and juicy.

The Bife de Chorizo is big a juicy with tasty exterior fat. Just make sure you get it in a good place. as a cheap Bife de Chorizo will be fatty and not so worth it.

A Matambre is another Argentine meat that is popular in Argentina. However is renowned for it’s toughness. So get your jaw prepared!

Although many things have been hit by the economic situation in the country, a benefit of eating out in Argentina is the value for money.


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