Wine Myths!

Here are some very common mistakes and myths believed by nearly all of us! Get yourself in the know with this article, then impress everyone with your knowledge!

Screw tops = Lower quality Wines


This may have been true in the past, in still for some lower quality wines, however recent research in New Zealand proves that wines can actually age and develop in bottles in screw caps, like it would in corked bottles. Many high quality wines are coming out with sleek screw tops, so no judging people!

Expensive Wines are Better.


We all notice that the finer things in life can often come with a heftier price tag. When buying cars, houses or shoes, quality can often be directly proportionate to price. There are, however, many things in this world that depend more on if you know where to look. Buying a french vintage for thousands of dollars may be worth it, if you want to store it and show off your cellar, however 90%, yes 90%, of wine nowadays is designed to be drunk young, so there’s really no need to to all the splurging. Geography plays a big part too. Picking a small production winery is a great start. The wine will be nice quality, made with love, and often with lower prices.

Henri Jayer Richebourg Grand Cru, Cote de Nuits, France – The most expensive wine

Here in Argentina you can get your hands on anything from Malbec, San Gimignano to a Torrontes for an extremely reasonable price. Expect to get your hands on a Bonarda from Mendoza for around $25 dollars. So the next time you go to your local provider, ask if you can taste a few or learn a bit about each varietal, don’t just assume the most expensive bottle is the one for you!

Old wines are better

This pretty much related to the last point. Most wines now are made to be drunk young, or kept for a maximum of 5-7 years. Many deeper red wines could be kept, or opened with the cork left out for half an hour. Other, more fruity wines, will be best enjoyed as soon as possible. Live in the moment people!

Red with meat, White with fish


This one isn’t actually too far off. When you pair your wine with your meal you want to match the notes and the weight. But this isn’t a rule. Although white wine may be ordered with fish, a grilled salmon steak would go perfectly with a right wine, something along the lines of a Pinot Noir.

Critics Know Best


Now this does not mean to say they don’t know what they’re talking about! They have their professional opinion and plenty experience trying wines, so trusting their word is natural and not a bad thing. However, it is still their opinion. The great thing about wine is that everyone has completely different taste and your friend/partner could like that really expensive Malbec, and you prefer the cheaper one.

The famous Robert Parker

Red wines should not be chilled

You don’t want your reds too cold, but just pop in the fridge a few minutes before serving. White wines should be in the fridge for a few hours, then taken out a few minutes before serving.


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