Wine Of New Zealand

Wine From New Zealand


Beautiful New Zealand

When I think of New Zealand I think of Kiwi (fruit and animal), Lord of the Rings, beautiful scenery and gap year travelers. Some quick facts about New Zealand: it has two national anthems, the kiwi bird is flightless and it was one of the first countries to have universal suffrage (1893).


Unfortunately, unlike California, France and Argentina,  when someone mentions New Zealand I don’t immediately think of wine.



This is both strange and a shame as New Zealand does contribute to the worldwide wine industry. This may be because more than 85% of the production is controlled by non-New Zealanders and they have to rely on exporting.

new zealand flag


New Zealand is a ‘new world’ wine country and the majority of the wine has been produced in one generation. Because of this they have the advantage that they have access to new technologies.


New World

A cute little world picture: The countries in green are new world wine countries and the ones in Orange are old world wine countries

New Zealand is made up of two islands with predominantly maritime climate however in the northern vineyards around Auckland reach subtropical climates. In the north east of the south island you can find the region of Marlborough.

Aukland winery


An interesting wine fact to get you brain thinking: the most southern wine region in the world lies around New Zealand’s Central Otago (very dry area), however it only lies as far south from the equator as the Rhone Valley lies north!


Because of the modern stainless Steel  technology, New Zealand  have reinvented Sauvignon Blanc with their own classic style. These will have herbaceous notes with intense aromas of grass and elder-flower. mineral stony notes and hints of creamy oak. After Sauvignon Blanc we have Pinot Noir. In Martinborough the Sauvignon Blanc shows notes of rich, cherry with a velvet texture. Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs can be a little lighter and more vegetal . Finally from Otago they are more complex, powerful and elegant.


The third most produced wine is Chardonnay. Chardonnay from Gisborne a tending to show riper, more exotic fruits that other Marlborough wines. Merlot is also produced along with Riesling, Pinot Gris and Syrah.


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