Dining Out In Recoleta

While living in Argentina, I have come to the realization that I will not be losing any weight.  The best way I can describe myself at this time would be a vegetarians worst nightmare.  The food here has completely won my heart and obviously my stomach over.  I recently dined out in Recoleta at a restaurant named Fervor, which was recommended to me by ANUVA wines.  So it was quite surprising when my amigos and I sat at a table and looked around the restaurant in a confused state.  This couldn’t be the right place, as there was only empanadas and patata fritas (fries from potatoes or sweet potatoes) on the menu.






Well, it wasn’t until we actually looked at the front of the menu that we realized we were in the wrong dining venue.  So not to be rude, we each had a glass of vino de casa accompanied with a very authentic empanada and proceeded to go right next door to Fervor, the correct destination.

  Now this was more like it!  We were seated in a room filled with white linen draped tables with a balcony seating area, as well as an unforgettable chandelier constructed with spoons and forks.


 It was simple and very lovely, at the same time.  Right away we were served bread with condiments of chimichurri sauce (a typical Argentine sauce with a little pepper) along with a pickled salsa.


Tradicional Argentine dip chimichurri

Both very scrumptious!  I of course, ordered the Asado Especial, feeding my love of red meat and paired it with a bottle of Santa Julia Malbec Reserva.  My steak was flavored with smoky spices and cooked to perfection.  It was as though the smokiness and multiple plum and blackberry flavors followed by the smooth and silky finish of the Malbec Reserva were intertwined gorgeously with the juiciness of my steak, forcing my taste buds to dance the tango in my mouth.  I had to wonder if the Chef of Fervor, Alejo Waisman and the winemaker of Santa Julia, Rodolfo Montenegro had planned this reaction together.

Santa Julia Malbec Reserva

 I would most definitely recommend dining at Fervor if you are looking for a nice and relaxed environment where everyone around you is having a wonderful experience, as well as very reasonably priced for the  very exceptional service provided.  I have to give thanks to the staff, as they were impeccable.  This dining experience was an unforgettable giving its diners a authentic taste of Buenos Aires.

PS: Remember in Argentina people usually dine a lot later than us Americans/English. Expect peak dinner time to be around 10:30pm. 

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