2002 Harvest Report Argentina

Although many Argentines suffered with the 2001 economic crash in Argentina, winemakers luckily didn’t fall into that category. In fact, the devaluation of the Argentine peso pushed forward the industry. This had the positive result of pushing forward Mendoza’s fame for Malbec. The terroir was great this year with cooler nights than usual in January and February, and plenty of sun.  Unlike the year that many parts of Europe experienced.

Wine report

Interestingly, many that thought this would also mean that Chile had had a good vintage year too, would have been wrong! Although neighboring countries, Chile suffered dramatic storms soaking the grapes. This storm hit the Andes mountains and stopped there, leaving Argentina with a much sunnier year. Although there were isolated thunderstorms in February, precipitation dried quickly and virtually had no effect on grape quality. Due to the cooler nights in January and February, the vines could enjoy uninterrupted ripening for the rest of the growing season.


Of all the good reds that came out, the best was the flagship wine of Argentina: the Malbec. It was excellently fruity with soft tannins mostly due to the extended hanging time. The harvest began on March 15th and lasted until April 10th, later than usual due the differences in altitudes of the vineyards. The highest altitude and coolest climate fruit was picked last. Other reds that came out well were the Pinot Noir, Merlot and Bonarda. The Cabernet fruit also harvested in excellent conditions.


The white grapes arrived first .full of intense aromatics, rich varietal fruit flavors and well balanced acidity. The Bodegas El Porvenir Laborum Torrontes 2002 white wine won a host of awards!


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