Wine Based Recipes

Wine and food go naturally together so their camaraderie is undeniable. You can pair a nice meal with a well balanced wine and you’ll get a tasty duo, but wine and food can take it to whole new level where the wine modifies the flavors from scratch providing you a new use for all that wine left over from the night before!

Wine and Cheese

Chefs around the world have invented themselves between classic recipes and good wine for over hundreds of years.  It has reached a place on the culinary ambient almost making a new category  necessary.  But first thing’s first, I have heard plenty of times about the “bad cooking wine” theory, and I must say I am completely against the idea that you “must” cook with “ cheap bad wine”. Buying a bad wine shouldn’t be done, period. If you want to cook good food, you need quality ingredients.  If you want a nice steak you order a sirloin, if you want to cook with wine you use the best– right?. Of course I understand that opening the best Bordeaux Blend you’ve got to make a sauce or a reduction seems a little too wild, so use the wine you have left and it is sitting in the cooler!  This been said here are some amazing recipes recommendations  to give your dinners a classic and easy twist that will never go out of fashion

Bad Wine.

Why use bad wine in great food?

For a juicy steak


This sauce is one of the most classic French recipes you will find,  named after the region of Bordeaux, worldwide famous for its wine. The sauce main ingredients are dry red wine, bone marrow, shallots, estragon, butter and sauce demi-glace. Commonly known as the “Sauce marchand de vins”  which means the wine-merchant’s sauce. Traditionally, bordelaise sauce is served with grilled beef or steak, though it can also be served with other meats that pair well with red wine!


A French classic hit, coq au vin!

This French braise chicken is on top of our classic recipes list. cooked with wine, lardons, mushrooms, and optionally garlic.

The wine typically used is a Burgundy, but you can switch for a rich wine, just as many regions of France have variants of coq au vin using the local wine, such as coq au vin jaune , coq au Riesling, coq au pourpre, and so on.  Simple to make, and absolutely delicious– perfect for any dinner!


Keep it light, keep it simple!


If what you’re craving for is a light kind of meal and have some leftover white wine from last night’s party, try cooking some fish or chicken with a nice delicate veloute sauce. This recipe does not take more that 20 minutes to cook and it is quite easy! Veloute means “velvet” and it is a classic french sauce similar to a bechamel, done with a light stock + blond roux and spices.

You can cook a white wine reduction using your own favorite flavors (garlic, shallots, etc) and use add this to your veloute ensuring a light seasoning sauce to accompany your meals!


A soup with a twist…


Using wine as an ingredient for soup can be quite simple and will add sophistication and smoothness in the palate. You can have soups as a meal starter or main dish, go all the way from a Apple Chicken red wine chowder, to a Hungarian Borleves using less that 6 ingredients.

Or you can take a homemade dish and add a gourmet punch with a Camembert cheese and broccoli soup adding a splash of Chardonnay or Sauvignon blanc!


Take it to the edge, don’t be afraid to experiment….


Cooking takes a lot of experimenting (and failing) but with time you can come up with surprising new recipes, so try taking your creativity to the next level and if you are tired of cooking the classic dinners why not trying a dessert with wine as one of its ingredients or salad vinaigrettes!

You might find interesting the many ways you can use this millenarium beverage, some of the recipes you can find include wine chocolate cakes, white wine ice creams, white wine creme brulees and many other recipes!


Cooking can be an incredible experience, you can learn more about how to use wine in your recipes on cooking videos, cookbooks or joining wine tastings ! Just keep in mind that is all about individual perception, experimenting and having a nice fun time!



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