Wine in China

We are now all aware that nothing goes right in this world anymore: economic crisis, recession, the stagnation of the wine market … And then along comes China to save the day for the wine market! When somebody speaks to me about wine, I expect to hear some words as France, California, Argentina, Australia, Chile … But certainly not “China”!

The Empire of the Middle only recently entered the ranks of the of top world ten wine drinking countries: Wine bars and specialty wine competitions now flourish in Shanghai. The producers of wine thus hope to benefit from a country who apparently offers a lot of opportunities:

  • In 2007, Chinese wine consumption topped 800 million bottles according to Britain’s International Wine and Spirit Record Institute.
  • Between 2003 and 2007, wine consumption in China grew 61 percent and is expected to grow a further 36 percent between this year and 2012.

Furthermore, we can think that the Chinese taste buds will become more and more adventurous and will try more other distant wines, other flavors rhyming for example with “Carménère” (Chile), “Verdelho (Australia), Malbec (Argentina)…

Nevertheless we cannot forget that in this country the competition is very rough, and the imitations are frequent…


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