Cavagnaro Malbec 2005 Evolves

We have carried Cavagnaro Mablec 2004 and Cavagnaro Malbec Reserve 2004 for quite some time. We are nearly sold out of both now, and both were very nice wines. The Reserve Malbec, from Mapiú Mendoza especially is worthy of aging 8-12 years gracefully. It has an incredibly buttery body and well developed fruit with secondary oak characteristics. Just the way a reserve malbec should be.

What was unsettling to me, when I went and visited Julian Cavaganaro on his estate in Mendoza last March, was when we sat down to taste the 2005 Malbec. He had told me that he didn’t do a 2005 Reserve because there wasn’t enough quality there, so all the quality grapes went into making the standard Malbec. Well, when I first tried it, it was a tough son of a gun, rough around the edges and looking for a fight. Fruit flavor lingered somewhere in the background but, subtlty, grace, and elegance were nowhere to be found.

Skip forward to Sunday night when I, the newly adopted “asador” (grillman) at my in-laws house stood over “las brasas” (the lit coals), grilling many assorted parts of cow and pig flesh (YUM!!). I decided to bring a bottle of the 2005 Malbec with me because it had now been aging for about 10 months under ideal conditions and I really wanted to give it another chance. Oh my God!!!!

Cavagnaro 2005 blows the 2004 out of the water. Gaining grace and smoothing out while maintaing it’s plum jam and vanilla flavors, it rocks with any sort of heavy grilled meat. It is sure to be a hit in my Anuva Wines wine club as Mr. Cavagnaro already has a few loyal followers.


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