Summertime for Torrontés

I very appropriately titled our Anecon Torrontés “For Poolside Sipping” having experienced the lovely floral honey bouquet and lively citric mouth. But, after 18 inches of snow in Portland (the most in the last 60 years), 8 degree tempuratures in New York, and, ahem, a brutally chilling onshore breeze in L.A., I was beginning to think that my potentially for actually fulfilling that expectation was lost.


And then I arrived in Buenos Aires, and wow, summer is here. Never have I more wanted to enjoy some chilled citrus fruits or melon with a glass of crisp Torrontés while watching the sun set, or watching the evening joggers from my balcony.

Wine has to be not only about the liquid in the bottle but the appropriate surroundings. Torrontés from Salta is great anytime but in summer, it takes on a whole new dimension.


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